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First, I guess some credentials are in order:

We are 5th generation Alexandrian Witches, tracing an initiatory lineage from Alex Saunders, King of the Witches. Geoff was initiated in the mid-eighties by a coven in the West Country and has also studied Ceremonial magick and the Qabalah; David joined the Craft in 1991, and has studied Taoism and Eastern Religious practices (he also studied with the Jesuits and has a degree in Philosophy and Theology...)

The Alexandrian Witchcraft we are part of is one of the British Traditional Witchcraft (BTW) Traditions - a group of related Traditions that share a common initiatory history back to Gerald Gardner: one of the first people to write about Witchcraft as a Mystery Religion, based on the teachings he received as an Initiate of a surviving coven in the New Forest in the 1940's. 

As a Mystery Religion, British Traditional Wicca continues the ancient tradition of Initiation and oral teaching, and is believed to trace some of its roots back to the Mysteries of Elusius and beyond. 

The British Traditional Witchcraft traditions are distinct from other forms of what is often called eclectic wicca or the wiccan revival, in that we work within a distinct set of practices and teachings that are specific to our Tradition, and which both frame the learning of each Initiate, and transmit the Mysteries unique to our Craft. Each new Initiate is guided through these experiences by their Initiator and High Priest or High Priestess - and helped to assimilate what they learn so that they can grow in understanding and power. As Initiates and Priests themselves, they are then also tasked with the responsibility both to Master these teachings, and to pass them on to their own Initiates in turn. They are also uniquely supported in their learning and development within the Coven environment. 

Working within a Tradition is rather like being a member of a family: you share a common thread of history and experience, and are connected to a root through which a great deal of power and understanding flows. Whilst each Coven is autonomous, we are linked in Oath and familiarity to the other Covens in our line - since each new coven 'Hives' from an existing one when one of its members attains the necessary level of training and understanding; each new coven also continues to be supported by their 'upline' for up to 3 years. All of the Elders also remain in contact with each other and are able to share teaching and support - and discuss new ideas or developements. This means that although we are all free to develop as witches, we are still bound in a fraternity that helps to keep us centred upon the Tradition itself. 

The Alexandrian Tradition is not unique in being able to help you contact the Divine, or to work magick - however, there is also a long standing bond between the Tradition and the gods with whom we are pledged - and that does help…

For a more detailed Introduction to the Alexandrian Tradition - see our other essay.

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