The Gods

What does it mean to believe in the Gods?

“Open the door, the door that hath no key...

How do we know the pagan Gods? How are they to be experienced? 

Do they come to us in a grand revelation: burning like the bush of Moses, or in a blinding light that throws us to the ground in fear and blindness like Paul? Do they reveal themselves to us with the voices of angelic choirs and beatific visions of redemption?

Or does the knowledge of our gods come as a subtle dawning: a slow opening of the inner eye to the beauty and meaning in the world - and the light in the heart of every one of us?

"For I am the soul of nature - 
the beauty of the green earth,
 and the white moon amongst the stars"

The process of coming to know the Gods - and to be known by Them in turn - is one of enlightenment. Of learning to see what has always been there before us, but now seeing with understanding - seeing within, behind, and through the veil of matter - looking into the Earth's womb and seeing the life and light that dwells there within...

"For I have been with thee since the beginning…" 

Our gods are immanent: here, within Nature, within USWe need no blind leap of faith to find them: all we need do is feel them and know the truth. 

We do not need to flee the world - but open ourselves to it - this is where Enlightement and Empowerment lies:

Lie upon the earth and you will feel the Mother's embrace - lean against a tree and the Lord of the Woods will be at your back. Open yourself in dreams, and they will both speak to you: quiet, subtle, gentle as moonlight - and just as magical.

To know our Gods, we must only see and feel them inside of us: to know that we are the Divine - each and every one of us. Because if we cannot know that it is our humanity that makes us holy, then how can we ever feel at peace in the world?

"For if you cannot find it within, you will never find it without…

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