Polarity and sexuality

“We are all spun on the wheel of the Goddess 
and it is the God who spins the wheel

In the battle of the sexes, which should have precedence? 

The God is all Men… The Goddess is all Women… But if the myths tell us anything, it is that they do not exist alone.

The wheel of the year speaks a tale of how the God and Goddess relate, one to the other - and how their interplay weaves the web of life that sustains us all. The light is born from the darkness of Her womb, grows to blaze at His zenith, then sinks back into the darkness of Death - knowing that He will find rebirth once more within Her. The Moon and the Sun weave an intricate love-chase across the sky throughout the year, as the stars revolve around them both. She weaves an enchantment of brightness and shadow around herself every month - and for love of Her He sacrifices first His seed and then Himself.   

The one cannot be without the other: Without the Goddess, the God can not be born - without the God, the Goddess is barren. 

It is not their independence but their union that gives life.

"Let the hammer strike the anvil
let lightning strike the Earth"

It is the tension between the Black and the White that creates the Grey. The flow between Yin and Yang that forms both the Tao and the Ten Thousand Things. It is Male and Female that creates life. Soul and Matter. Birth and Death. He and She.

In our legends, the God is born from out of Her Darkness, and yet He flees Her embrace: fleeing Her overwhelming passion that threatens to consume Him before He has had a chance to grow. Yet in fleeing Her, He also flees life - and so finally finds the true darkness of His own death. 

But in His journey He has learnt, and so He surrenders to Death and becomes Lord of it - and thereby transforms Himself from child to King: a God in His own right.

But She yearns for Him yet, and pursues Him - as passion must. And seeing Her truly, He loves Her - knows Her - and embraces Her at last. And so He becomes the light that dwells within matter - the soul within the world.

He gives Her the circle of rebirth: an eternity of existences strung together by the thread of their love.

She gives Him the Cauldron and the Sword: the womb of desire, and that which gives it life.

She is Eternity

He is change

And yet - They love, and are One.

"For all things are spun from the wheel of Diana 
and it is Lucifer that spins the wheel


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